14/06/2017 (19:00 CEST)

Kaspars Rolšteins has studied physics and philsophy, meanwhile his musical exploration dates back to 1986 and a synthpop band from a small city Sabile. Later in his life Rolšeins has been collaborating with new wave pioneers of Soviet Union as Ingus Baušķenieks & Viesturs Slava from the legendary band Dzeltenie Pastnieki. He is the co-author of numerous albums, operas and movies, one of the many being an opera made in collaboration with contemporary art patriarch Hardijs Lediņš titled ‘‘Rolstein on the Beach’’ (1997). Together with Lediņš they were known as the band ‘‘Ideal Standard’’ and their only album ‘‘Genādijs klauvē pie durvīm’’ has a fully electronic subgenric sound combined with transformed vocals that tell the legend of plumber Genādijs. Lately he has been active publishing electronic compositions on-line altering between drone, ambient and rhythmic pieces.

Multilux is a novel and just evolving electronic music project of Emīls Dreiblats, better known as one third of Latvian band Origo Boys. Sound of his works published on-line is known to differ from industrial techno to joyous remixes of popular R&B records - one of the fundamentals being flowing between genres and different perceptions. He often collaborates with such musicians as W3C, Labais Dāma & Ohmtek and just recently shared the stage with Puce Mary and SØS Gunver Ryberg. In his live performances Multilux embraces darker shades of dance music and creates the sonic environment using analogue synthesisers and drum machines, sometimes complementing the raw sound with field recordings from the urban episodes.

Mr. Myster is the alter ego and electronic music project by Matīss Runtulis. Ever since the first self-released EP ''Enter the myth’' (2012), the artist has had deep interest in exploring phenomenons like uncounsciousness and intuition. As source of inspiration, art forms happening in real-time, like jazz and different kinds of free improvisation, have always played an important role. Because of the successful EP ‘’Kolektiv Sub-konchez’’ released on Dirty Deal Audio. Mr. Myster had the chance to open the show of Mount Kimbie which also happen to be one of his early influences as well as the sound of underground scene in London. When speaking of his live performances Mr. Myster accents the significance of the specific time and space, futhermore the interaction between himself and the audience. His sound is said to be a series of self-portraits & intimate rituals, created for sharing with those being present.


Dee works predominantly in the medium of computer graphics, including 3D modeling. Dee currently is getting a BFA in Digital Visualization. Her visuals have a unique style by creating a disturbing yet appealing atmosphere, where technology interacts with the dark side of nature.