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      TUNNEL | Soundcloud | Facebook

      Tunnel has been honing and crafting his own unique sound since 2006. With an emphasis on broken rhythms and unconventional sound design, Tunnel is best described as a sound sculptor. His compositional forms and structure combine elements of ambient, idm, drone, sub bass, and techno into a sonic tapestry, resting somewhere between fervor and séance, chaos and artistry. Based in Chicago, inspired by the echoes of Detroit, Tunnel launched their record label [ webuildmachines ] in 2013. His steady output of releases over the last several years have garnered high praise and charted recognition from big players within the electronic music community – Dave Clarke, drumcell, Surgeon, Tommy Four Seven, Forward Strategy Group, Cio D'Or and others.


      NAV SAULES | Soundcloud

      Nav Saules is a solo-project of Jegor Kravchuk, based in Jūrmala, Latvia. Active since 2008, he produces an intense mixture of techno & electro-industrial music. Although there haven't been any full-length releases yet, Nav Saules are highly praised by local admirers for their electrifying sound and live energy.


      IGORS VOROBJOVS | Soundcloud | Facebook

      Electro/Techno DJ & Producer since 2001 from Ventspils (Latvia). In 2017 started his own vinyl record label. An active figure present in the processes of the local scene both as a musician and a promoter.