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      TEKSTUR | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

      Aleksei Bronnikov whose stage name is Tekstur started his path in music as a guitarist in a rock band Metaxy. Later his explorations were dedicated to video art and ambient music resulting in a tape released on Dionysian Tapes (USA), ''elusively gorgeous tape of amorphous synthesizer music'' - states an article found on Secret Decoder. Afterwards developing himself as a video artist while living in Perm, Moscow and St.Petersburg, he also did a project called Closer to Sounds for Mixmag Russia. His project Tekstur is built on all the previous experience and is known to bring non-compromising techno sound using analog equipment.


      LABAIS DĀMA | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

      Labais Dāma is an experimental music project trying to express reality tv through dance music.


      DEE | Facebook

      Dee works predominantly in the medium of computer graphics, including 3D modeling. Dee currently is getting a BFA in Digital Visualization. Her visuals have a unique style by creating a disturbing yet appealing atmosphere, where technology interacts with the dark side of nature.