23/08/2017 (20:00 CEST)

Dmitry Distant performs live using: Roland TR-707, Roland TR-606, Roland TR-505, Korg EA-1, Korg Wavestation SR, Alesis Midiverb 2, Modular & Distant Monosynth (DIY project).


Dmitry Distant - a Latvian based musician, who has devoted himself to different sides of electronic music and exploration of subtle worlds, started his solo career around 2009 and is mainly producing electro and new wave. Several records have been released on such labels as Electronic Emergencies, New York Haunted, Mechatronica, Crimes Of The Future, Bass Agenda Recordings, In The Dark Again, Dark Leader and more. His discography is ever growing, the next release being scheduled to spring 2018.  | Soundcloud | Facebook




Reinis Rabenau performs live using Xone K2, Komplete 6, Akai MPD32, PO32 tonic.


Reinis Rabenau is a music producer and composer, one half from the dark electropop duo Podruga. His musical explorations started around year 2010, and now he is frequently seen on the stage both in Riga and his hometown Cesis, where he is also one of the people behind the project Artsound. Artsound is a musician union as well as a platform for creative workshops, studio sessions to take place. Rabenau himself describes his solo live sets as an electrified energy giveaway trying to drift away from the current standards of electronic dance music. | Soundcloud 

Melnie Burti is an electronic music project without an explanatory statement or definition, floating between different genres and sound of many shades. Melnie Burti performs live using Caustic application.  | Soundcloud | Facebook 


Visual installations by Linards Kulless


Linards Kulless is a Latvian interdisciplinary visual artist residing in Berlin. For many years he has worked as a culture manager in a couple of Riga art projects. Now he is known to use different media like video, photo, and installation in his creative work. The artistic playground of Linards includes theatre performances, paintings, outfit and interior concepts. He has been a known name among VJ scene since 2001 participating in many projects, festivals, raves and alike recent examples being an event in the iconic Berlin venue Tresor & Under Festival in VEF, Riga this May. His artistic work has been exhibited all over Europe since 1999, it is often fulfilled with ethnographic influences, esoteric knowledge and a never-ending search for an identity.  | Web