26/07/2017 (19:00 CEST)

Tone It Down A Little  performs live using: Figūras (on the left) - Korg Electribe ESX-1, Flashback X4 Delay & Labais Dāma (on the right) -  Korg Monotribe, YOCTO 808, Boss BF 3 and Boss DD3 pedals.

Tone It Down a Little is an experimental acid duo of solo projects Figuras and Labais Dama, based in Riga and created with an aim to explore the acid parts of the electronic music spectrum. When describing tehmselves, the artist duo comments: [we feel like] two neanderthals posing as humans trying to blend in and fight for neanderthal rights that have been neglected for several millennia. Both of them are also co-founders of the just launched record label No Sex Just Talk – the first release will be their debut album Lynx Mom, coming out on 27th of July 2017.

VOID performs live creating sound with Doepfer A100 basic system with added Erica Synths and Doepfer modules, Korg SQ-1 sequencer and Zoom ms70cdr effects pedal. Visuals are created beforehand using Pure Data and then modified with an analog synthesizer and other low-resolution video devices. The live performance was played on VDMX.


VOID is a project of Reinis Naļivaiko (sound) and Artūrs Kalvāns (video), it’s an experimental audiovisual performance duo born in Liepāja back in 2012. Their sound comprises both dark and deeply atmospheric soundscapes and rhythmic noise compositions, aiming to create a diverse emotion gamma to the audience. In the creation process VOID uses field recordings & sound synthesis and their performances are always improvised. The visual aspect of the project is driven not by particular aesthetic principles but rather defined by methods used in the picture creation, such as manipulations with the signal through mixing it with other video sources, interfering with the video chain and digitizing of an analog signal. The frame sequence and composition is controlled by the sound, and the visual rhythm either illustrates or breaks the sonic one. Works of VOID are influenced by the GAS project of Wolfgang Voigt, Pan Sonic & Delia Derbyshire.



Nikola Negorod performs live using an Eurorack consisting of: Erica Synths - Fusion VCO; Black Wavetable; Black dual EG; DIY Multimode VCF; Pico: RND; EG; VCA; MIX; DRUMS x 3; Doepfer - A-110 x2; A-120; A1-38b; A-145; A-118; A-13; Music Think Modular - Chords MI CLOUDS, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Appogee Ensemble, MacBook Pro, Abletone Live/VST Lexicon reverb; Glue compressor; Akai APC Keys and Korg Micro Mix.


Nikola’s captivation to music was born and raised within his family - his father was also a musician. First interest in the world of sounds appeared when the artist heard so-called “live translations” on radio channels. Playing music on tape decks as well as stopping of the tape helped Nikola and his neighbor to create unheard sounds and music effects during recordings. These musical experiments made Nikola Negorod recognized in his hometown. Nowadays in the creation process, Nikola uses analog, modular and VST synthesizers, as well as different musical instruments combined with digital technologies. His inspiration comes from classical musicians and rare tracks found in Nikola's vinyl collection. His first appearance in the scene was in 2011 as an arranger-keyboardist together with Ksenia Kamikaza. In 2012 Nikola became a member of Platz für Tanz label which includes many famous Latvian artists. Duet Esoniq+Negorod became known because of their live performances dedicated to house and techno. Currently, Nikola Negorod plays live performances and publishes his music on different music labels.

Visual installations by Dee on LZX Industries video system.