05/07/2017 (20:00 CEST)

GLOCIKS | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr

Glociks (Gustavs Lociks) is a New Media Arts student from Liepaja, Latvia. While he started making music only relatively recently, he used to play in a band called "Dejo un Locies", with his friend and fellow New Media Arts student Māris Dejus, where they played improvisational electronic music live. When working with sound Glociks enjoys playing around with errors, unfinishedness and often likes to abuse the available tools. His compositions vary from minimalistic soundscapes to radicaly oposit - lush and rich sound.


LAUKMETAALS | Soundcloud

Laukmetaals (Lkx; Known Unknown) started as a side project of metal band, seeking individual expression within different electronic, acoustic instruments to create various soundscapes within the world of music. From 8 bit militant noise choones to drowning house & tek claps going from London to Riga and back.

W3C | Soundcloud | Facebook 

W3C (Kristaps Fabiāns Geikins) is an electronic music producer and DJ from Riga, who has released multiple EPs and a couple of vinyl records under record labels all around the world and gained support from such big names as Aphex Twin, Pinch, Mumdance, Plastician, Björk and others. His music takes the UK sound as a foundation and builds upon it with industrial and raw percussion using his own unique touch, which results in a futuristic, dark and heavy sound that is primed to make every DJ set unforgettable.


Visual installations by Teem Tex on LZX Industries video system