21/06/2017 (19:00 CEST)


GESTA | Soundcloud 

One of the most recurring names of the techno lineups across Latvia and Lithuania, Gesta has been consistent in providing his ever growing audience with expertly mixed boundaries-hopping electronic dance music. More than 10 years in the game have anything but worn out the man for whom a triple turntable setup is becoming standard these days. A restless record digger, Gesta is constantly on hunt for fresh sounds, and rather than being just a mere follower of the streams and breezes uncovered, he is an integral participant in the development of the scene as a daring DJ. 

THINNER | Bandcamp | Youtube | Facebook

The sonic output of Pauls Kvālis - Thinner is the project mainly focusing on rhythmic and power noise which began back in 2007. In the August of 2011 Kvālis released his solo debut ''Submission to Hazards'' on the well-known Latvian industrial music label Sturm, the release is said to be full of grinding beats, caustic tunes and noxious verbal messages contemplating on topics like surrendering because of greater good and reconciliation of removable evil. Before the project Thinner, Kvālis was one part of the Latvian noise project Marchwitza

MOLECULAR BEATS | Soundcloud | Facebook | 

Molecular Beats is an industrial techno-trip project of Kārlis Logins and Anna Meiere Logina. After playing sludge metal for about three years, the band decided to change its direction towards more mind-expanding and lyrical sound. The intention was to create darker soundscapes which are not metal-based and that is how combination of industrial, techno and trip-hop emerged in their works. Although many great bands, such as Tool, The Prodigy and Crystal Castles has been said to have a huge influence through years, the objective is creation of music that makes the audience dance, headbang and have an outer body experience at the same time.