OUT OF PRODUCTION! Stereo version is on the way!

This is second edition of Erica Synths ACIDBOX that brings you emulation of widely recognized classical Russian synthesizer Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), packed in small desktop unit and enhanced with features for contemporary electronic music performances.

Erica Synths ACIDBOX II sound circuit is built around rare Russian ICs, that were used in the original Polivoks synthesizer back in 80-ties, therefore you get that famous analogue sound, insane resonance sweeps and straight forward, hands on control. ACIDBOX II has significant improvements compared to the first version: redesigned LFO with the new waveforms and audio rate modulation capabilities, built in analogue noise generator, balanced output and many others.


  • Voltage Controlled Filter inspired by Polivoks VCF architecture
  • Integrated circuits used in the original Polivoks
  • Balanced output
  • Internal white noise generator of unique design
  • Internal LFO – 6 waveforms and inverted waveforms
  • Audio rate modulation
  • TAP tempo
  • External sync for LFO frequency
  • Divide and multiply LFO frequency (can multiply/divide ext. sync too!)
  • Tap tempo and LFO output indication LEDs
  • Universal power supply included


Price: 250 EUR 
+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Technical specifications:

Input signal level

20V ptp

External CV level

20V ptp

LFO frequency

0,1Hz – 60Hz

Audio modulation frequency

20Hz – 620Hz

Power supply

110 – 220 V


0.7 kg