2 week lead time

We design modular synths for live performances and therefore they deserve proper travel cases! 

Hand luggage size, rigid and reliable Erica Synths 6U 208HP eurorack travel case as standard, comes with integrated Erica Synths PSU with 36 connectors capable of +12V@2.5A and -12V@2.5A (5A total), +5V@1A and Fusion tube heater power supply for 6 modules. +9V 8A 100-240VAC desktop PSU included. Also available without PSU.


  • Latvian birch plywood
  • Scratch resistant painting
  • Comfortable handle
  • Rigid built
  • Universal PSU (110/220V)
  • 36 power sockets


  • Travel case with integrated PSU = 650EUR
  • Travel case without PSU = 500EUR

 + 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Technical specifications:





Mass (without modules)

7.00 kg

Power supply provides



6.3V Fusion tube heater power supply for 6 modules