Full aluminium 2x84HP 65mm deep skiff eurorack enclosure with aluminium rails of unique design. This case has integrated Erica Synths PSU capable of 1.25A per rail (2.5A total) and has main benefit – possibility to install Erica Fusion tube heater PSU, so Fusion modules can be installed in skiff case!

As standard 65mm deep enclosures come with horizontal wooden side panels and two power distribution rails with 13 connector sockets each. Also check Eurorack Case accessories for options – pre-installed +5V PSU, rack ears, vertical wooden side panels and wooden sides for double case.

Skiff case can be used with modules up to 45mm deep – most of skiff modules available from leading producers will fit there.

Price: 330EUR
+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Technical specifications:

Dimensions with wooden sides

461mmx270mmx120mm (case depth is 65mm, but wooden side panels make it under the angle).