Full aluminum 2x84HP 140mm deep Erica Synths eurorack enclosures with aluminum rails of unique design are developed with superior functionality in mind – they are configurable in less than a minute add wooden side panels for desktop use, combine two units and have EMS Synthi-like configuration or use rack ears to put your modular in your rack-mount studio system.

As standard 140mm deep enclosures come with horizontal wooden side panels, Doepfer-like 1,25A PSU (please specify voltage at the order) and two power distribution rails with 13 connector sockets each. Don't forget to check Eurorack Case accessories for options – pre-installed +5V PSU or Erica Fusion 6VAC tube heater modules, rack ears, vertical wooden side panels, wooden sides for double case and YOUR LOGO SILKSCREENED ON THE CASE.
Please, write in notes which side panels do you want:
  • Bright horizontal side panels
  • Dark horizontal side panels
  • Bright vertical side panels
  • Dark vertical side panels



  • 1,3A switching PSU version = 350EUR
  • 1,25A PSU version = 360EUR
  • 2,25a psu VERSION = 360EUR

 + 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Technical specifications:

Dimensions with wooden sides

470x300x210mm (case depth is 140mm, but wooden side panels make it under the angle)