Grant Ritcher's DIY Wogglebug for eurorack standard! Great random modulation, clock and sound source.

We recalculated component values to make it work properly from +-12V PSU, added clock rate and stepped CV indicator LEDs, developed skiff friendly PCB and cool powder coated panel with bug design printed in two colors. The module doesn’t need wiring and calibration, and it’s comparably easy to build.
The Wogglebug has nostalgic value for us, because in the beginning of 2014 a Wogglebug panel with a bug design was the first Erica Synths project we offered for DIY community and it actually started our company.


  • 3x random audio rate outputs (Woggle tone, Tone, Ring)
  • 3x random CV outputs (Woggle, Smooth, Stepped)
  • Clock input
  • Clock output
  • Rate CV input



  • PCB = 23EUR
  • PCB + panel = 45EUR
  • Full kit = 115EUR

+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Erica Synths Wogglebug on Modulargrid

See the build thread @ Muffwiggler!


Technical specifications:

Audio output signal level

8V ptp

CV Ouput signal level

15V ptp

Power consumption

30mA@+12V, 18mA@-12V

Module width


Module depth



Disclaimer: please, if you have any questions on missing parts or similar issues, contact us within 1 months after receiving the kit!