Output module allows you to interface your modular synth with external gear – mixers or other synths with commonly used 3,5mm stereo jack,

as well as it has high quality headphones preamp for monitoring your modular masterpieces. The module has L and R inputs, if you make stereo patches, but for mono patches R input is normaled to L input, so you automatically route the output to stereo mixer.


  • L and R inputs
  • 3,5mm stereo output jack
  • 3,5mm headphones jack
  • Headphones volume adjustment
  • Skiff-friendly design


  • Set of 2 PCBs  with presoldered headphones preamp chip + mechanical parts (PCB connectors, spacer, 3,5mm stereo jacks)= 25EUR
  • Set of 2 PCBs  with presoldered headphones preamp chip+ mechanical parts + panel= 40EUR
  • Full kit = 65EUR

+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping


Erica Synths DIY Output module on Modulargrid


Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude

line level (optionally adjustable)

Panel width  


Module depth


Power consumption

20mA@+12V, 7mA@-12V


Disclaimer: please, if you have any questions on missing parts or similar issues, contact us within 1 months after receiving the kit!