The AS 3340 is completely self contained, precision voltage controlled oscillator, featuring both exponential and linear control scales and up to four buffered output waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse with voltage controllable pulse width. 

Full temperature compensation makes these VCOs extremely stable, and eliminates the need for a temperature compensation resistor. The AS3340 is pin to pin compatable with CEM3340, but the chip is fully redesigned in order to improve stability and eliminate some native faults and it comes in DIP-14, SOIC-14 and QFN-24 cases for very compact designs.


  • Large Sweep Range: 50,000:1 min
  • Fully Temperature Compensated
  • Four Output Waveforms Available; No waveform trimming required
  • Summing Node Inputs for Frequency Control
  • High Exponential Scale Accuracy
  • Low Temperature Drift
  • Voltage Controlled Pulse Width
  • Hard and Soft Sync Inputs
  • Linear FM
  • Buffered, Short Circuit Protected Outputs
  • ±15 Volt Supplies
  • CEM 3340 / CEM3345 replacement


  • 1-9 pcs in DIP case = 9.00EUR
  • 10+ pcs in DIP case = 70EUR
  • 5 pcs in SOIC cases = 35 EUR
  • 100+ pcs and/or in SOIC, QFN cases = please, send an inquiry to
+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping
Datasheet is downloadable below.