The AS3320 is a high performance voltage controlled four-pole filter with on-chip voltage controllable resonance IC.

The four independent sections may be interconnected to provide a wide variety of filter responses, such as low pass, high pass, band pass and all pass. A single input exponentially controls the frequency over greater than a ten octave range with little control voltage feed-through. Another input controls the resonance in a modified linear manner from zero to low distortion oscillation. For those demanding applications, provision has been made to allow trimming for improved control voltage rejection. Each filter section features a variable gain cell which is fully temperature compensated, exhibits a better signal-to-noise ratio and generates its low distortion predominantly in the second harmonic. The device includes a minus two volt regulator to ensure low power dissipation and consequent low warm-up drift.


  • voltage controllable frequency - 12 octave range
  • voltage controllable resonance - from zero to
  • oscillation
  • accurate exponential frequency scale
  • accurate linear resonance scale
  • low control voltage feed-through -45dB typical
  • filter configurable into LPF, HPF, all pass, etc.
  • low noise: -86dB typical
  • low distortion in passband - 0.1% typical
  • low warm up drift
  • configurable into low distortion voltage controlled
  • sine wave oscillator
  • improved CEM3320 pin-to-pin compatible



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Datasheet is downloadable below.