The AS3310 is a self-contained, precision ADSR type of envelope generator, pin to pin compatable with CEM3310. 

The chip is fully redesigned in order to improve stability and eliminate some native faults and it comes in DIP-16,SOIC-16 for more compact designs.Attack, decay and release times are exponentially voltage controllable over a wide range, and the sustain level is linearly voltage controllable from 0 to 100% of the peak voltage Vp. All four control Inputs are Isolated from the rest of the circuitry, so that the control pins of tracking units may be simply tied together.


  • Large Time Control Range: 50,000:1 min
  • Full ADSR Response
  • True RC Envelope Shape
  • Exceptionally Low Control Voltage Feedthrough: 90μVmax
  • Accurate Exponential Time Control Scales
  • Isolated Control Inputs
  • Good Repeatability and Tracking Between Units Without External Trim
  • Independent Gate and Trigger
  • Wide power supply range:
  • negative rail: -15V ÷ -9V (via external resistor)
  • positive rail: +11V ÷ +15V
  • CEM 3310 replacement​


  • 1-9pcs in DIP case = 9.00EUR
  • 10+ pcs in DIP case = 70EUR
  • 5 pcs in SOIC cases = 35 EUR
  • 100+ pcs and/or in SOIC cases = please, send an inquiry to
+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping
Datasheet is downloadable below.