The AS3360 is a dual general purpose voltage controlled transconductor intended for such applications as voltage controlled amplifiers, filters, and waveform generators. 

Each transconductor independently provides both linear and exponential control scaling over greater than a 100 dB range. The AS3360 is pin to pin compatable with CEM3360, but the chip is fully redesigned in order to improve stability and eliminate some native faults and it comes in DIP-14 and SOIC-14 cases.


  • Two Independent VCAs in a Single 14 Pin package
  • Simple to Use - Few External Components Required
  • Exceptionally Low Control Feedthrough Without
    Trimming: 10mV Maximum Out of 10 V.P.P. Output
  • Low Noise: -110 dB Typical
  • No Trimming Required
  • Summing Node Signal Inputs
  • Current Outputs Capable of Swinging to Within 1.5V
    of Each Supply
  • Linear and Exponential Control
  • Control Voltages Referenced to Ground
  • Wide Supply Range: ±3 to ±12V or +15, - 3 to -9V
  • CEM3360 replacement


  • 1-9pcs in DIP case = 9.00EUR
  • 10+ pcs in DIP case = 70EUR
  •  5 pcs in SOIC cases = 35 EUR
  • 100+ pcs and/or in SOIC cases = please, send an inquiry to
+ 21% VAT for individual customers in EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping
Datasheet is downloadable below.