Black Output module V1

220,00 255,00

High quality output mixer and stereo panner with balanced outputs and headphone amplifier.

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Black Voltage Controlled Clock V1

90,00 195,00

Master clock module with bright segment LED display and advanced features (tap tempo, shuffle, divided/multiplied clock out, random clock out, CV input).

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Black Mixer/Splitter V1

45,00 65,00

Advanced replacement for stackable patchcables. Four independently buffered input mixer and four buffered output signal splitter in one module.

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DIY Polivoks VCO kit

Erica Synths DIY Polivoks Voltage Controlled Oscillator uses the core of the original Polivoks VCO, but has plenty of modifications to adjust its performance to modular synth standards. Also DIYers can make their own modifications described in the Build manual. DIY kit, as all Erica Synths Polivoks modules, comes with a set of the original Russian ICs and transistors in three options: PCB (2 layers, 95x97mm) + rare parts (including copper sheet to make RFI/light shield for transistors :) ), PCB + rare parts + panel and full kit with all parts included to build this exciting module. Polivoks had two slightly different VCOs, therefore we made a PCB that is configurable to build both VCOs. WHEN ORDERING ONE VCO WITH A PANEL, AT THE CHECKOUT SPECIFY IN THE COMMENT, WHICH PANEL YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! VCO1 - with X-Mod option, VCO2 - with detune option.

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DIY Syncable VCO

Polivoks inspired VCO with sync input and perfect tracking over 8 octaves.

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DIY Polivoks VCA kit

The Polivoks VCA has distinctive architecture – two differential opamp based VCAs in series each for LFO and ADSR control signal amplitude independently. Control voltage to attenuation behavior of this VCA is nonlinear and not logarithmic, it is kept authentic to the response of ПОЛИВОКС. As most Erica Synths DIY kits, Polivoks VCA kit as standard includes esoteric parts - it appeared that the world has run out of differential opamp ICs K118UD1A(B), but we developed an exact clone of that IC! All parts to make K118UD1 clone are included in the kit. Below find downloadable assemby manual!

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DIY Dtech VCF (assembled)

Skiff format Dtech VCF sound circuit uses the original Russian ICs K140UD12 found in Polivoks VCF, and has one of most advanced control features found in VCFs around, including resonance CV, filter curve and resonance slope adjustment and unique CV assign function. It's sound ranges from deep, bassy sounds to something even more extreme than famous Polivoks resonant screams.

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DIY Mixer kit

Those, who intend to build 2 Polivoks VCOs and already have or will build a Modulator, will need an audio mixer! Therefore Erica Synths introduces simple, cost effective DIY mixer kit! As standard it has 3 AC coupled, but you can add as many inputs you wish. The mixer is built on generally available parts.

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DIY Mixer/Splitter kit

Audio/CV mixer and buffered audio/CV/clock splitter - extremely useful and easy to build utility module for complex patches. Mix audio or CV signals, split master clock and use it to clock several modules simultaneously, split one CV to control several modules without risk of interference, split audio signal and lead it to several filters simultaneously - your imagination is the limit!

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