Rack-mount modules4th May | 2014

This one I used in the performance on electronic music festival Br─źnumu Nakts on April 7.

Synths, you find here: Ambika form Mutable instruments, 909 clone, Jurgen Haible Flanger, MFOS Vocoder, Oakley FiltrexII, and three modules are the exception - I didn't build them :)


And other rack with more exotic modules:


Here you find: Mutable instruments Shruthi with the Expander, rack-mount Polivoks clone by Erica Synths (this gave me inspiration to develop Polivoks VCF for modulars), Papareil Synth labs Vintage Biphase, Jurgen Haible Fequency Shifter, Jurgen Haible Vibrato/Chorus, ACX Synth e-sequencer (sorry, I bought the last kit :) ) and Giraf Audio SSL Compressor.