Eurorack cases now available!20th May | 2015

They are configurable in less than a minute - add wooden side panels for desktop use, combine two units and have EMS Synthi - like configuration or use rack ears to put your modular in your rack-mount studio system. Comes with aluminum rails of unique design of our own, two power distribution rails with 13 connector sockets each and wooden side panels as option.  Cases are available in two different configurations - 2x84HP 50mm for skiff modules or 2x84HP 140mm deep cases for more exotic and DIY modules. 140mm cases comes with PSU of your choice installed (universal 110/220V 1,3A switching PSU or Doepfer-like 1,25A PSU).
Also as extra you can get your name or your band logo silk-screened on 140mm cases!

More info, pricing and technical specifications on each case at SHOP