Polivoks(ish) ADSR EG DIY kit21st October | 2014

I have made the original Polivoks envelope generator couple of years ago for my rack mount Polivoks clone, but I found it unstable and unpredictable, and, when I tried to to adapt it for eurorack modular, I could not get it working. Therefore together with my friend, musician and engineer Edward D-tech, we decided to develop our own envelope generator that mimics Polivoks envelope generator behavior, but it has much wider setting range, greater stability and has unique, unseen before technical solutions.
It is 100% analogue, it's cost-effective, can be configured to use with active high (typical eurorack) or active low (Korg) gate and trigger, has AR looping feature with re-trigger option, compact design - everything one can expect from an envelope generator in a modular synth. Except voltage controll over parameters, but that is coming as Erica Synths Advanced ADSR (14HP skiff module, both DIY and assembled) in 3-4 weeks. Polivoks had 2 envelope generators, therefore we have special offer for orders of 2 kits. ;) Find the envelope generator in the SHOP.

Description and envelopes - see below!