Eurorack bipolar 12V PSU kit v26th September | 2017

Erica Synths DIY eurorack PSU module is high quality linear PSU with resettable fuses on each rail to protect the PSU from overloads. 

It comes in two versions:

1) 1,25A on each +12V and -12V rail. This version uses highly popular LM317 and LM337 voltage regulators

2) 2,5A on each +12V and -12V rail. This version uses more contemporary and powerful voltage regulators and it can be used in really large modular setups.

Both versions can be built on the same PCB, just check the schematics on components that need to be used for each configuration.

NB! Installation of this module require skills to work with high voltages! It's at your own risk!

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