10HP Black Polivoks VCF & Black VCA

10HP Black Polivoks VCF & Black VCA 12th May | 2017

Both Black Polivoks VCF & Black VCA now are 10HP! Black Polivoks VCF is one of the most authentic sounding emulations of the famous Russian synth, the Formanta Radio Factory Polivoks. Erica Synths Black Voltage Controlled Amplifier is unique design, hi-fi level VCA with improved attenuation and CV reject levels, and bias control for great tremolo effects.


Black Modulator

Black Modulator 28th April | 2017

Erica Synths Black Modulator is fully analogue modulation and noise source. It consists of LFO/audio frequency oscillator with three simultaneous waveform outputs, Zener diode-based noise generator with three noise flavours and clockable S&H circuit


Pico Switch

Pico Switch 12th April | 2017

Pico Switch is designed for simple audio (several VCOs) or cv signal (sequencers, EGs, LFOs) routing. Use it for bidirectional routing: a switch selects, which of three inputs is connected to the output, or one input via switch can be routed to one of three outputs.



SUPERBOOTH17 11th April | 2017

Get ready for one of the biggest trade fair for electronic musical instruments SUPERBOOTH17 on April 20- 22 in FEZ-Berlin booth E245. We have some cool new projects ready to be presented, so stay tuned and see you  @Superbooth17 


A Polivoks - inspired DIY modular system

A Polivoks - inspired DIY modular system 17th March | 2017

Fully redesigned, skiff friendly and even more adapted for modular functionality – great sounding 84HP two-VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical monosynths.  


Pico Modulator

Pico Modulator 7th March | 2017

Erica Pico Modulator combines Envelope Generator and VCA in one module with straight-forward controls for live performances.


Black XFade

Black XFade 8th February | 2017

Erica Black XFADE is high-end module for smooth manual or CV controlled crossfading between two audio or CV signals,essential for modular performances. Fade curve is calculated in a way that you do not loose signal amplitude in any crossfade stage, and LEDs give visual feedback on currently active input. When used with CVs, the module helps to come up with really advanced modulations. In addition Black XFADE can be used to boost CV and audio signals.


Black PFL

Black PFL 3rd February | 2017

Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module to Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer. Since modular performances are often about uncertainty, unpredictability and sudden filter resonance screams that can kill loudspeakers, it’s good to know, what you are about to fade in your modular mix. 


New module: Black Octasource

New module: Black Octasource 18th January | 2017

Erica Black Octasource is, what we want to believe, the LFO carried to it’s extremes.It features one of 8 waveforms available on 8 outputs phase shifted by 45 degrees OR all 8 waveforms simultaneously on all outputs.


The NAMM Show 2017

The NAMM Show 2017 17th January | 2017

Meet Erica Synths team at The NAMM Show in Anaheim on January 19-22. NAMM is the global family reunion of the music products, pro audio, live sound. lighting and enterainment technology communities. We will meet you in Anaheim Convention Center, find us in one booth with our frends- Malekko Heavy Industry. See you there!  


Pico System I!

Pico System I! 20th December | 2016

We proudly can say that Erica Pico System I is the world’s smallest modular synthesizer of it’s functionality. It contains wisely selected modules so that beginners are introduced with basics of modular synthesizers and advanced users can play hours long live gigs. 

More info and PRE-ORDER @ SHOP!



Gift certificate

Gift certificate 25th November | 2016

If you want to make a great gift but you're stumped for gift ideas and you don't know exactly what to buy, the Erica Synths Gift Certificate is what you are looking for! And don't forget, Christmas is around the corner!


Machines in Music and more

Machines in Music and more

Our team will participate in Machines in Music in the USA which starts after 3 days! Afterwards you can meet us on October 12-14 in Los Angeles @PerfectCircuitAudio and @AnalogueHaven and on October 15 we will visit Control Voltage guys in Portland! Everybody is welcome to come!


Fusion VCO and Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble

Fusion VCO and Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble 11th August | 2016

Have you heard about Erica Synths Fusion Drone System? Almost all modules including two key (and new!) modules – Fusion VCO and Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble – of this system are already available and will be shipped after August 22nd!


Noise Berlin - you have to be there!

Noise Berlin - you have to be there! 4th August | 2016

Meet Erica Synths team in Berlin on Aug 11-12!  NOISE.BERLIN - playground a/v berlin festival opening at maze club berlin & neu west berlin with exhibition, concerts, jamsessions, creative chaos, tv installations and many more. The line-up includes our team rider and musician KODEK who will burn the floor with his performance! See you there!


DIYers, Synth Voice is available!

DIYers, Synth Voice is available! 25th July | 2016

When developing Erica Black Series and Pico Series modules, we accumulated quite a know-how on compact and great sounding designs, and we decided to share some of those with DIY community. And therefore Erica Synths proudly presents – DIY Synth Voice module! More info @ SHOP!


Black Wavetable VCO

Black Wavetable VCO 2nd June | 2016

We believe that Black Wavetable VCO is one of the most compact wavetable VCO around! This fat sounding module features 16+ banks of selected waves, wave morphing, bitcrush, built in VCA and VC control over all parameters! More info @ SHOP!


Synthposium DIY Workshop.

Synthposium DIY Workshop. 1st June | 2016

On June 4 in Moscow there will be held the modular synth meeting Synthposium and you have an opportunity to participate in their workshop and solder some of our DIY kits.


Ken Ishii remix contest

Ken Ishii remix contest 23rd May | 2016

We are excited to sponsor Different is Different Records who are running their seventh remix contest! At this time they have challenge to remix an original production by the Japanese techno legend Ken Ishii! More info: http://remix.didrec.com


Eurorack travel case!

Eurorack travel case! 11th May | 2016

We design modular synths for live performances and therefore they deserve proper hand luggage size, rigid and reliable travel cases! More info @ SHOP!


Get patch cables for free!

Get patch cables for free! 3rd May | 2016

Buy any module at our SHOP till May 31, enter promo code "EricaPatch" and get a pack of 5 patch cables for free!

*You have to register to use Promo code
*You can use Promo code only once and it applies only to assembled modules or DIY Full kits


Eurorack Patch Cables

Eurorack Patch Cables 22nd April | 2016

Patch your Eurorack system using Erica Synths high quality patch cables!

Available in 4 different lengths (20cm, 30cm. 60cm, 90cm) and 5 different colours (black, white, green, yellow, red). More info @ SHOP!



Compact Black Quad VCA

Compact Black Quad VCA 29th March | 2016

We launch another module designed in line with Black Series Hi-Fi philosophy – a compact Black Quad VCA. It’s exactly what you need, if you wish to shape the sound in advanced ways and also want to save some rack space! More info @ SHOP!


Black Hole DSP

Black Hole DSP 23rd March | 2016

We have debuted Black Hole DSP, a new module that tops up Erica Black series with mind blowing sound effects! Custom effects were designed in close co-operation of Erica Synths team rider KODEK and of Spin CAD software creator Gary Worsham.
The module as standard has 16 custome effects, each with 4 adjustable and CV controllable parameters and CV controlled effect select. More info @ SHOP


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