Synthanatomy SEPT2017

Erica Synths Fusionbox Review- An Analog Stompbox For Deep & Dirty Effects

The Fusionbox is a compact, full-featured and excellent sound multi-effect unit. ​ 

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SYNmag JULY2017

Fusionbox Review (DE)

Fusionbox review by moogulator in German SYNmag 63-2017

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Future Music JULY2017

Erica Synths Pico System 1 Review

If you have even the slightest interest in modular synthesis, then it’s hard not to get insanely excited about the Pico System 1.



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Ask.Audio JULY2017

Review: Erica Synths Pico System 1

Erica highlights the suitability of the system for live performance and it’s certainly an excellent way to create sounds live on the go and mess with them in real time. 


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 MusicTech JULY2017

The Brighton Modular Meet 2017 – The MT Report

Erica Synths always seems to have something new to show at these events, and alongside their Pico System 1 was a new addition to the Pico Range, in the shape of the Pico Voice, which is a multifaceted sound source, offering Wavetable, chords and more.

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MusicTech MAY2017

Erica Synths Pico System 1 Review- Pint-sized powerhouse 

The Pico System 1 from Erica Synths is probably the smallest fully formed Eurorack modular you can find. Dave Gale shrinks down to Lilliputian size to take a look…

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DivKidVideo APR2017

SUPERBOOTH 2017: Erica Synths Drum Sequencer & Bass Drum Module

Kodek gave Modular Podcast a great demo of the new Erica Synths drum sequencer and bass drum module.

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Gear News APR2017

SUPERBOOTH 2017: Erica Synths Black Dual VCF

It’s a single module featuring two identical multi-mode filters running in series or parallel.

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Gear News APR2017

SUPERBOOTH 2017: Erica Synths Drum Sequencer Computer

It’s a 16 track trigger drum sequencer, meaning that it triggers gates for drums

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SonicState APR2017

SUPERBOOTH17: Erica Synths Black Series Dual Filter

Introducing Erica Synths Black Dual Filter


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Analogue Zone Showroom APR2017

Superbooth 2017: Introducing Erica Synths Drum Sequencer and Bass Drum Prototype

Introducing Erica Synths Drum Sequencer and Bass Drum Prototype


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Just Music APR2017

SUPERBOOTH17: Erica Synths Demo- Kodek Live Performance

Wir waren auf der Superbooth 2017 am Stand von Erica Synths und trafen auf Kodek, der eine Live Performance mit Erica Synths Geräten darbot.

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Thonk Synths DIY APR2017

SUPERBOOTH17: Erica Synths New DIY Line 

Introducing Erica Synths new DIY modules

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SonicState APR2017

SUPERBOOTH17: Erica Synths Drum Sequencer- Lovely Buttons 

Introducing Erica Synths Drum Sequencer

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Keyboards APR2017

Attack of the clones: Is Behringer's Minimoog a synth replica too far?

Latvian modular company Erica Synths is equally open about the inspiration for its latest product, “a Polivoks-inspired DIY modular system”. The Polivoks is a coveted Soviet-era synthesizer that fetches high prices on the second-hand market, with its own fully-fledged reissue in the works.

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Estrada i Studio FEB2017

LOGIC, A LOGIC & SEQS by ERICA SYNTHS - logic modules review 

This is a review of LOGIC, A LOGIC & SEQS logic modules - made by ERICA SYNTHS. 

The review also appears in March 2017 issue of "Estrada i Studio" - biggest Polish monthly magazine devoted to music production and studio equipment.

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Keyboards JAN2017

NAMM 2017: Erica Synths Fusion Box

Die modulare Kreativschmiede Erica Synths aus Lettland präsentierte auf er NAMM Show in Anaheim ihre neue Fusion Box im Tabletop-Design.


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Analogue Zone Showroom JAN2017

NAMM2017: Introducing Erica Synths Fusion Box

Introducing Erica Synths Fusion Box

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Ask.Audio JAN2017

NAMM 2017: Watch Erica Synths Unveil A Range Of New Modular Synths

Erica Synths makes some truly unique modular gear and at NAMM 2017 it unveiled additional modules, new systems and revised designs - something for every synth lover!  

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SonicState JAN2017

NAMM 2017: Erica Synths - Updated Eurorack DIY Kits

Like a lot of eurorack companies Erica Synths started with DIY kits, so for the NAMM Show this year they have completely updated their original DIY line.

They even added PWM to the oscillator just to make Nick happy.

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SonicState JAN2017

NAMM 2017: Erica Synths Black Octasource LFO

Back again at the Erica Synths booth and we got a look at the Black Octasource LFO module. Girts was keen to give us a run down of the Black Series and the newest addition.

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SonicState JAN2017 

NAMM 2017:Erica Synths Fusion Box - Sounds Fantastic!

Erica Synths Fusion Box combines BBD chips with based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path for extra warmth and weight.

In this video Erica Synths Team Rider KODEK smashed some drums from the Pico System into the Fusion Box and we were very impressed with how good it sounded.

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GearNews JAN2017

Erica Synths Fusion Box – Analog, Röhre, Delay – Oh Yes!

Tischgeräte sind gerade bei mobilen Live-Performern sehr gefragt. Mit dem Effektgerät Heat löste die schwedische Firma in den letzten Monaten einen regelrechten Hype aus. Jetzt zieht Erica Synths mit Fusion Box nach und zeigt zur NAMM Show 2017 ein voll-analoges Tisch-Effektgerät. Es ist bestückt mit den Fusion Delay, Flanger und Vintage Bauteilen der Erica Synths Eurorack Reihe und ergeben so die „analoge DSP Box“.

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AudioNewsRoom JAN2017

The Best Fun Boxes Of The Year

We love the unique approach and the honest enthusiasm behind Erica Synths products. Recently, the Latvian company launched the Pico System I, in their words “the smallest modular synthesizer of its functionality.”

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Ask.Audio DEC2016

The Best Analog Hardware Synthesizers For Every Budget

When the AskAudio team sat down to choose our favorite 10 analog synthesizers across 3 price ranges (up to $500, $500-100 & $1000+) we couldn't all agree and ended up comprising 22 synths! Here it is. 


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Gearnews NOV2016

Radikal: Erica Pico Module – klein und günstig​

Klein sein ist mit dem Euro-Format ja eigentlich schon normal, aber Pico von Erica Synths ist wirklich winzig. Genauer gesagt – schmal. Das ist durchaus sinnvoll, denn  der Platz im Eurorack ist immer zu knapp! Aber nicht die gesamte Pico-Serie ist neu, sondern genau vier Module. Besonders spannend ist ein DSP-Modul.

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Ask.Audio NOV2016

Eurorack MasterClass: Erica Synths

Latvian synth specialists Erica Synths have been steadily building their lineup of unique analogue instruments and processors and the latest is the Fusion VCO module. Designed to be used in a rack setup, you'll need to connect the power using the special bundles cables and take an audio output to wherever you want the sound to be directed from the Mix Out.

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Sonicstate NOV2016

Erica Synths Pico System Review

The Erica Synths Pico range of modules was first introduced at Superbooth last year. We were super impressed by the amount of features they managed to fit into such a small case that we just had to try it out for ourselves.

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DivKid's Month of Modular OCT2016

Interview with Girts from Erica Synths

In this interview I talk to Girts from Erica Synths about how the company started, how they managed to create such a strong and large product line and where he sees the company heading in the future.

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Ask.Audio OCT2016

Eurorack MasterClass: Erica Synths

In this Masterclass we welcome Girts & Kodek from Erica Synths. Two gentelmen that clearly know what they are talking about when it comes to modular synthesis and synth module construction.

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MusicTech SEPT2016

Erica Synth Black Wavetable VCO

The latest offering from Erica Synth adds Wavetable to its ever-expanding ‘Black’ collection of modules. Dave Gale finds out what happens when wavetable meets VCO…

Let's start with the basics. There are four small and one very large Moog-style knobs on the front of this module, which entice the user to noodle. That large pot refers to Frequency (pitch) and is accompanied by a small flick switch, which moves between coarse and fine tuning. The next  two pots down the line control Wave selection and Bitcrush amount, and CV controls for each are located just below each of the relevant parameters. 

MusicTech rating: 10/10

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Gearnews AUG2016

Erica Synths tease their Fusion Drone System

The Fusion series of Eurorack modules from Erica are remarkable in that they feature tubes. Right slap in the middle of each module is a glowing, warming, overdriving valve. This gives the Fusion range it’s unique sound and attractive looks. Erica Synths have released a video of a new module coming to the Fusion series – The Fusion Drone System.

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Erica Synth Fusion Drone System – Video eines neuen Super-Modular-Systems aufgetaucht

Erica Synth bringt in letzter Zeit eine News nach der anderen. Erst ein DIY Modul, dann Pico Trigger, ein Sequencer, der über ein Webinterface programmiert wird, und jetzt taucht aus dem Nichts ein Video auf, auf dem das Fusion Drone System zu sehen ist. Und hier gibt es nur eins zu sagen: Wow!

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Gearnews AUG2016

Erica Synth Pico Trigger – Web-basierter Eurorack Trigger Sequencer​

Das ist doch mal etwas Neues und gleichzeitig Innovatives – Pico Trigger, ein weiteres Modul von Erica Synth. Das Eurorack Modul, das über eine Internetseite programmiert werden kann. Und zwar könnt ihr über das Web eine Sequenz erstellen, laden und direkt auf das Modul übertragen. Sehr interessant!

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Gearnews JULY2016

Erica Synths launch DIY Synth Voice

Erica Synths are famous for their Black and Pico range of Eurorack modules. They are also fans of the DIY Modular community and have made a number of kits available for the eager purist to get their soldering iron into. The DIY Synth Voice is the latest kit to emerge from Erica Synths and it’s a fully fledged semi-modular mono-synth.

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Erica Synth DIY Synth Voice - ein Eurorack Synthesizer Modul zum slbst bauen

Hier sind die Heimwerker gefragt, denn Erica Synth veröffentlicht einen neuen DIY-Synthesizer für das Eurorack System. Erica Synth DIY Synth Voice ist ein vollwertiger Synthesizer mit allen wichtigen Funktionsbereichen, die ein Klangerzeuger abdecken sollte. Darüber hinaus verfügt er natürlich über die Vorzüge eines Eurorack Moduls und kann über Patchpunkte ferngesteuert werden.

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Perfect Circuit Audio JUNE2016

Erica Synths Pico

Erica Synths Pico series is a collection of eurorack modules in an incredibly small 3HP per module width. Put them all together and you have yourself the smallest eurorack modular synth system available. So small in fact, you can build entire Pico modular synth system that firs in a space smaller than an Intellijel Atlantis. Don't let the compact size and low cost per module fool you; while these modules are tiny and relatively inexpensive, the sound, functionality, and build quality are impressive. It's no surprise the Pico modules are showing up in so many racks on Modular Grid already. 

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Tokyo Festival of Modular JUNE2016

Throwback to Tokyo Festival of Modular where Erica Synths team took a part this year:




Erica Synths Wogglebug DIY-Kit

In der ersten Folge unserer neuen Serie „Lötsinn“ widmen wir uns einem DIY-Klassiker aus der Lettischen Eurorack-Modul-Schmiede Erica Systems. 


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Testbericht: ERICA SYNTHS ACIDBOX II - From Latvija with Love

Eigentlich hat ERICA SYNTHS sich ja vorrangig auf Module und Zubehör für das beliebte Eurorack-Format spezialisiert, und wer sich mal im Portfolio des Herstellers umschaut, dem implantieren sich sehr leicht Wunschphantasien in den Kopf bezüglich großer, schrankwandartiger Modulsysteme (oder vielen kleinen…). Doch darüber hinaus hat ERICA SYNTHS noch einige autarke Gerätschaften im Angebot, darunter auch die hier nun zum Test vorliegende ACIDBOX II.

ACIDBOX II has got recommendation, called "BuenasIdeas-Tip"!

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Ingus Baušķenieks MAY2016

Solo album "Mēteļi un Garderobists"

Ingus Baušķenieks is one of the electronic music and synth-pop pioneers in Latvia and leader of the band "Dzeltenie pastnieki" ("The Yellow Postmen"). Recently he released his new solo album "Mēteļi un garderobists" ("Coat and coat check attendant") that is made exclusively on Erica Synths modular! 

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Estrada i Studio MAY2016

Maly Modularz: Erica Synths Black Hole DSP + Black CV Expander

Od razu robi się człowiekowi milej, gdy zasoli bulgoczący cyfrowymi skwarkami delay na najprostszym nawet patchu.

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Superbooth Official APR2016

Erica Synths at Superbooth 2016: Pico System presentation

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Superbooth 2016: Erica Synths aus Lettland

Erica Synths zeigen uns (und euch) ihren Beitrag zum Doepfer Modular-System. Die Modules aus Lettland wurden sogar echte Rohren spendiert...

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Here’s all the coolest new gear from Messe and Superbooth, in one place

There's a Eurorack craze on. Synth fever continues to spread. Instrument and software makers keep innovating. And there was reason to time all of this new gear madness to the beginning of this month - with not one but two massive trade shows, each a short Bahn ride away from one another in Germany. It's almost too much.
                                                                                   So, we've put out favourites all together.

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Analogue Zone Showroom/Synths and Studio APR2016 

SUPERBOOTH16 Introducing The New Erica Synths Pico Series 3HP Eurorack Modules

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Estrada i Studio MAR2016

Maly Modularz: Erica Synths Black Output module

Tego typu moduły kupuje się na końcu. No bo przecież, „ani to nie wydaje dźwięku, ani się ładnie nie świeci, więc lepiej wydać kasę na coś bardziej efektownego”.

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Ask.Audio MAR2016

Review: Erica Synths Acidbox II

If you're looking for an attractive synth module that emulates an old Soviet synth, is affordable and sounds amazing, then the Erica Synths Acidbox II is worth considering. Check out our video review. 

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Review AcidboxII Polivoks VCF emulation

Erica Synths is a Latvian company that create boutique synths, modular components and DIY kits. In December last year they announced a Mkll version of Acidbox a Polivoks VCF replica filter. I just had to order one and played a couple weeks with it and wanted to share my findings because it's very much gearjunkies worthy.

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Creativity without borders — "Erica Synths"

At "Erica Synths". sometimes just half an hour separates a sudden idea from a complete understanding of how it will be implemented. Their business is fast, innovative and export-oriented. It is the only modular synths manufacturer in Baltics whose instruments are played by many well-known musicians.

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DivKid's Month of Modular NOV2015

Module of the Month: Erica Synths Dtech VCF

This month I've choosen the Dtech filter from Erica Synths. This is a feature expanded version of their DIY Polivoks filter with the same polivoks back end that uses original new old stock soviet chips.

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Erica Synths: MIDI-CV-Interface – Duophonisch Black VC CLock

Auf der diesjährigen Musikmesse Frankfurt gab es viel zu bestaunen, darunter die Prototypen einer ganzen Serie von neuen Modulen von Erica Synths aus Riga. Zwei davon machen den Anfang hier im Heft. Kompakt und fl ach gehalten und mit SMD-Technik aufgebaut, passen sie in ein sehr fl aches Rahmengehäuse. Insgesamt sind heute viele Module fl ach genug für diese Einbauart.

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